Md. Kaium Ali Jibon's Story

Md. Kaium Ali Jibon


Hi, my name is Md. Kaium Ali and my nickname is Jibon. I live in Bangladesh with my family. I noticed this website from the Facebook GT support group. I am not good at English, so if I make mistakes please pardon me. When I was 1.5 yrs old my mother noticed bleeding from my eye corner. She got scared and took me to the hospital. Without any diagnosis, the doctor prescribed some regular medicine. A few days later my family found some red and green colored bruising on my back. My family got worried and took me to the hospital for diagnosis, but the doctor found nothing.

After one year later I was playing games with my friends and during the game when I jumped I saw bleeding come from my nose. At age 7 my doctor told me I had a tumor in my abdomen. Doctors thought the bleeding happened because of this. They advised me to have a small surgery for it and I did the surgery. But the bruising didn’t disappear. Day by day I was suffering from nose bleeding and gum bleeding. When I was 22 yrs old I had nose bleed that lasted 69 hours. Next year the same things happened but this time it continued for almost 39 hours. We have noticed every year of February, March, and April I got nose bleeding, is this seasonal or GT I don’t know?

Still, I have been suffering from nose bleeding. 26 yrs old we visited Dr. Azizul Haque Azad and he suspected it’s maybe GT, for more accurate results he suggested meeting hematologist Dr. Moin Uddin and we did a visit. Dr. Moin Uddin personally did my diagnosis and the result was GT. But there is no treatment for GT he said. 6 months later we went to Bangalore, India for further information about GT and wanted to know any chances of cure. But the answer was the same that the Bangladeshi doctors said to us. So at the age of 26, my family knows about GT.

Meanwhile, I have another chapter of my bleeding history. 2 yrs ago on my post-graduation viva time, I had bleeding from my urine. Almost 1 week I was placed in the ICU room. Recently I have internal joint bleeding in my left knee doctors confirmed and still, I have knee bleeding. Besides, I have an abscess on my back. Bangladesh is a poor country and so getting the proper treatment is hard. Our medical treatments are not as good as in developed countries. But still, I am thanking my Allah for keeping me alive. I hope all of the GT patients get well soon.

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