Gene Therapy, Haemnet & Glanzmann’s Thrombasthenia

Gene therapy, haematology & Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia podcast.
Gene therapy, haematology & Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia podcast.

May 07, 2023


This month, Taylor and Peter chat with Luke Pembroke from Haemnet.

Luke is the Director of Community Engagement with Haemnet and spearheads their podcast, Haemcast. Haemnet is a specialist research and communications consultancy in the bleeding disorder community. You might be familiar with their name; they conducted the Glanzmann’s 360 survey. It was during a podcast interview about the Glanzmann’s 360 survey with Luke and their Director of Research, Kate Khair, that Peter and Taylor discovered that Luke was born with severe hemophilia B, and during the pandemic, he was a participant in a gene therapy clinical trial. With Dr. Wilcox’s promising gene therapy research and a potential cure right around the corner, they knew they wanted to pick Luke’s brain more on the process of his gene therapy.

This episode dives into the who and what of Haemnet as well as diving into Luke’s own experiences growing up with a severe bleeding disorder and his journey with gene therapy.

Glanzmann’s 360 Survey
Luke’s Video